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Sands Marina Bay- Amazing Place

Over the past few years, Singapore has launched a couple of new resorts that are major attractions of visitors. The luxurious Sands Marina bay and the casino being one of them, located right at the city center in the Marina Bay area in Singapore. Sands Marina Bay has a lot to offer to its visitors in fun and entertainment. If you are planning for a family vacation here is the place to be as there are lots you can do both for the young and old and have fun of a lifetime. Let’s find out more in this article on what to expect from this fantastic place.

Best swimming experience ever.

Do you love swimming? Ever tried swimming at 200 meters above the ground level? Here id a chance to do all that. Sand Bay Marina has a swimming pool at its top 200 meters above the ground. Their highly trained instructors are always ready to assist those with difficulties. The Sands sky park is a viewing spot top of the Sands Marina resort. Here you can enjoy great view of Singapore’s skyline and the ocean front as well. For the photography enthusiasts’ visitors, this is a place that you can take best shots.

The Shoppes
Marina sands bay has an amazing shopping complex connected to the resort. Here there are various store that you can enjoy shopping including the famous Gucci store and the Louis Vuitton store that are located outside the crystal pavilion. Enjoy different dinner choices ranging normal food court to the celebrity chef restaurants. You can also enjoy the stage performance for those who love art work.

The great Art Science Museum.
Here you can enjoy the great collection of Singapore’s culture and also other imported cultures. Its structure, a giant lotus flower, gives you the urge to go in and see more.

There more reasons than one as to why you should start preparing to visit this spectacular place just next to your home of hotels in Singapore. You can never let this fun go without being here.